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The Best Doctor for Skin Diseases and Skin Allergies in Peshawar & Islamabad

De Looks Clinic: Solutions for All Your Skin diseases and Allergies in Peshawar & Islamabad

Your Trusted Partner in Healthy Skin: Dr. Adil Hamayun

Dr. Adil Hamayun is a leading skin doctor and dermatologist in Peshawar and Islamabad, renowned for his expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of skin diseases and skin allergies. He is a highly reviewed doctor, consistently praised by patients for his comprehensive approach, personalized treatment plans, and genuine care. Dr. Adil Hamayun is passionate about helping individuals achieve and maintain healthy, radiant skin

The Best Skin Doctor in Peshawar & Islamabad – Treating a Spectrum of Skin Issues

Dr. Adil Hamayun offers comprehensive treatment plans for various skin conditions, including the following grids 

Dr.Adil Hamayun Aesthetic Surgeon & Dermatologist ​

Acne Treatment

Eczema Treatment

mole removal

Melanoma Treatment

Psoriasis Treatment in peshawar

Psoriasis Treatment

Rosacea Treatment in peshawar

Rosacea Treatment

• Warts Removal Treatment

Warts Removal Treatment

birthmark removal

Birthmark Blemish Removal

hair and skin allergies

Skin Shingles Treatment in peshawar

skin diseases treatment

Skin Infection Treatment

Hives & Allergic Dermatitis in Peshawar

Hives & Allergic Dermatitis

Moles & Freckles Removal

Hair Loss (Alopecia) in Peshawar

Cryotherapy IN PESHAWAR

Cryotherapy in peshawar & Islamabad

hair and skin allergies

Vitiligo Treatment in Peshawar

skin whiting treatment

Melasma Treatment in Peshawar

Morphea Treatment in Peshawar

Morphea Treatment in Peshawar

Acne keloidalis nuchae in peshawar

Acne keloidalis nuchae Treatment

Seborrheic keratosis in Peshawar

Seborrheic keratosis Treatment

Nevus sebaceous in peshawar

Nevus sebaceous Treatment

Hemangioma Treatment in Peshawar

Hemangioma Treatment in Peshawar

Basal cell carcinoma in peshawar

Basal cell carcinoma Treatment


Skin Port-wine stain Treatment

Experience the Transformation: Before & After Photos

Witness the life-changing impact of Dr. Adil Hamayun’s expertise through these before and after photos showcasing successful treatment outcomes for various skin conditions. (Include Before & After Photos Here)

face readiness treatment in Peshawar
a man's face with a black eye patch
melasma before and after in peshawar
xethelasma treatment in Peshawar
acne scar treatment
cyst removal in Peshawar